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Grace McIsaac

Artist Statement

Thinking about the small details of a product is something I strive for in every piece, as it can have a big impact on the whole. With every product, there is a user. I aim to focus on that connection and look for the simplicity in things, as it often leads to the best experience.


Grace McIsaac is a Metro Detroit based designer and artist. Currently she is working on personal projects as well as freelance work. Her most recent project was on display at the LTU Show CoAD 2023, a senior student show in Southfield, MI.

In 2023, Grace graduated with a BS in Industrial Design from Lawrence Technological University. There she learned the in's and out's of the design process and also worked as a graphic designer for the esports team. 

Now she is an intern at UWM on the UX Team getting real experience with Product Owners, Developers, and leaders in the industry. 




Data Driven

Project Manager

Detail Oriented


Grace's toolset includes user research, prototyping, wire framing, visual design, and usability testing. She is proficient in design tools such as Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and Procreate on iPad.​



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